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My husband was seen by the therapist Dr Jacob Rosen. He was reffered the psychiatrist for meds for severe depression.

After several months he became physcially ill. Started to throw up and lost 35 pounds. My husband had 2 appointments once each week the last 2 weeks we used their services. On the day of the first appt.

I called because he was sick with flu like symptoms the day of. I asked them if they prefer him to come in or stay home with his symptoms. I told them we can come because we do not want to be assessed a fee. They said they wanted him to stay home to avoid getting anyone sick.

And they would waive the missed appt fee. To call next week when his next appt came. My husband was still very sick. We got the same response.

Dont bring him, we will waive the fee. I didnt even bother making a new appointment because I was very concerned with my husbands weight loss. I took him to the hospital instead. Where they said his meds need to be changed and he admitted to the doctors that he felt like the meds were giving him suicidal thoughts and causing him to be physically ill.

They admitted my husband for a week. Next thing you know my husband is in collections for the 120 dollars of missed appointment fees. I called to resolve the issue based on the promise they made to waive the fee. They told me No they will not take care of me.

And ignored me.so we stopped going there. But now my husband has a bill in collections effecting his credit that should have never been assessed. I cannot believe this place and there lack of professionalism, inability to keep their promises, and the audacity to put their patients in a financial situation that could have been avoided if they wouldnt have made broken promises. My husband was willing to come to the appointments and they asked us to please stay home and not bring the puking their way.

If I could give them negetive stars or no stars I would.

No compassion. Not good people.

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